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Nominate a Supreme Hero

Nominate persons or organisations making a positive impact on your community for the Supreme Ventures Foundation’s Supreme Heroes Grant. Submit this form by midnight, Friday, November 8, 2019, to enter your nominee for a chance be awarded the Supreme Heroes Grant
1. Who Is Your Nominee?
Please ensure all information is correct and complete at the time of submission.

2. Why is Your Nominee a Supreme Hero?

Does your Supreme Hero live in the same community where these good deeds are happening? YesNo

Please provide any links to news reports, articles, social media where we can see what your Supreme Hero is doing.

3. Your Information
Please ensure all information is correct and complete at the time of submission.


For the Nominator

You can nominate only one (1) business or not-for-profit organization for the Supreme Heroes Grant.

The business or organization and its proprietors must be 18 years of age at date of nomination.

The business or organization and its proprietors must be based and operating in Jamaica for at least three years as at the date of nomination.

The business must be ‘fit and proper’ and must not be connected to any illicit or illegal activity as far as both the nominator and the nominee are aware. Discovery of this will result in immediate disqualification from the programme.

You must provide the correct names, spelling and other information about the business/organization you are nominating.

The owners of the business/organization must be willing to make themselves available for interviews, media events and other activities by the Supreme Ventures Foundation at the discretion of the Foundation.

You must provide evidence of the ‘good works’ the nominee is said to have executed in the community. Evidence includes but is not limited to:

  • Links to online news articles, blogs
  • Links to radio interviews
  • Links to videos
  • Attached audio, audiovisual and other multimedia files
  • Video testimonials by persons who have been impacted
  • National awards

Selection Criteria

Your Nominee Must…

  • Have a track record of quality community service delivery and proven results
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and long-term sustainability of an existing community-based project/business/or not-for-profit programme
  • Be willing to enter into a contract with the Supreme Ventures Foundation agreeing that:

(i) the organization will use the awarded funds as mutually agreed upon,

(ii) Supreme Ventures Group will have the right to verify that the awarded funds were so used,

(iii) the organization will return any part of the awarded funds that were not so used within 12 months after the initial disbursement of the awarded funds, and (iv) it will assist the Supreme Ventures Foundation to do a follow-up story/vignette on how the funds impacted the organization for publication or promotion.

(iv) All organizations must be based in Jamaica for at least 3 years and must be incorporated in Jamaica.


  • Nomination opens Monday, October 21 and the deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, November 8, 2019
  • Nominations are open to the public and will be judged on its own merit.
  • Nomination Forms are available online at supremeventures.com or by emailing mysupremeheroes@svlgrp.com
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • The Supreme Ventures Foundation reserves the right to disqualify or withdraw selected candidates from the programme at any point, with or without reason provided.
  • Participants who contravene any part of the programme will be disqualified immediately.
  • Selected candidates who wish to withdraw from the programme will have to provide two weeks notice to the Supreme Ventures Foundation and return all monies provided under the programme in full immediately.