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Vote for your Supreme Hero Today!

It’s time to vote for your favourite community hero as the Supreme Ventures Foundation wraps up the first staging of its acclaimed Supreme Heroes programme!

Ms. Jenny's Corner Shop

MISS JENNY – The owner of Miss Jenny’s Cornershop completed sanitary conveniences for a disabled member of her community, an amputee ​who could not navigate the terrain to a detached restroom.


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Life Yard

LIFE YARD – The rootsy eco-tourism facility developed a feeding programme to assist the vulnerable members of their community ​with breakfast and other meals during the COVID-19 related lockdowns and movement restrictions.


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Ms. T's Hardware and Variety Store

ELMA THOMPSON – The owner of Miss T’s Hardware rallied her community to construct a home for a vulnerable single mother with cognitive disabilities.

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New Horizon Christian Outreach

NEW HORIZON CHRISTIAN OUTREACH – The training facility which prepares unattached youth from Spanish Town and its environs, diversified their bamboo production to include bamboo coal​ a key fuel resource for persons in the area.


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